Shocking News: Duke is a girl!

Duke the Bush Baked Beans Mascot

Read all about Duke and how he stays at home while a stunt dog takes his place on the road….
Tonight Erika and I found out the shocking truth about Duke- he is a girl! Yes – just like Lassie was played by a boy- Duke is played by a girl. And we got to meet one of her grandsons- a very handsome red-haired fellow named Bandit who also has the original Air Bud in his pedigree- it was like meeting a movie star- with more fur who drooled…..

Air Bud- the original!
Bandit’s Grandmother aka Duke

And for the Smallville tie in to this celebrity spawn citing- remember it was Kevin Zegers who was in Air Bud that was Lana’s boyfriend in Magnetic who managed to get her caught so that she did time in a jumpsuit with a mop for robbing the till at the Talon….


2 Responses

  1. What happened to the original dog that played Duke. This dog I’ve seen in the last couple of commercials does not look like him.

  2. In commercials they tend to— I know this is a shock—- replace older dogs with younger ones over time. The new one is definitely more of a pointy headed dog than the original Duke

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