Tom Welling Walking his Akita mix

Here are 3 candids of Actor Tom Welling (Clark Kent on Smallville) walking his akita mix dog in LA.

[image] [image]



8 Responses

  1. […] Tom Welling has two Pugs, one of them is named Cook, and a Bernese Mountain Dog. Here is Tom walking one of them, from the looks of it this would be the Bernese. […]

    • Er…..thats not a bernese, that would be an akita mix. It looks identical to my old dog…just diff colors. Mine was built like that, but was white and tan, his is white, black and orange.

  2. Uh- we have an akita mix and the big dog may be part Bernese but the other is definitely Akita. I think this is the pound puppy Jared Padalecki convinced Tom to adopt…Jared is a big fan of big mutts for big guys- would not surprise me:)

  3. […] Most of the candid shots of Tom actually show him finding a better Wi-Fi signal for his laptop, walking his dog, grocery shopping alone or with his wife […]


  5. the dog is cute, but the own is cutest!!!

  6. ciao tom, tu sei il mio idolo sin dalle scuole medie,sei l’unico attore k mi riesce ha trasmettere emozioni …… tvbx sempre sirena_92 kissssssss

  7. Thanks for the photos. Another celebrity owning Akita puppies. That’s good for us. Richard Gere has that new movie with an Akita in it called Hachiko. You need to see the trailer if you haven’t ye

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