Make Puppy bouquets out of flowers!

Aren’t these just too cute for words? Who knew that you could take mums and turn them into something so adorable? I know that my day would be brighter if one of these little guys arrived as a gift for me!






24 Responses

  1. how do I order a puppy bouquet???

    • Liz’s Flowers makes all animals, Bunnies, doggies Turkeys ect They are so cute! 619 285 3847 San Diego CA

  2. I don’t know – you can probably take the pictures with you to your local florist to show them how you’d like them to be made 🙂

  3. I loved those pictures too, and knew I had to make one for my friends birthday. I finally found a link to how to make one.

  4. […] flores e cães e quer dar um toque bem alegre pra sua casa. Adorei!! Lindinho demais!!! Clique AQUI para ver mais imagens e AQUI para aprender como […]

  5. I am looking for hoe to order these flowers for my mothers birthday. If you could please help out that would be just great . Would be delivered in San Diego.

  6. This is a bit on how to make these arrangements- you could always print out the pictures and take them to a local florist and show it to them- this is a fairly simple design that any florist would have fun reproducing!


    this one isnt as cute as these but

  8. Awesome! Thanks for the link dawnyyy- am sure plenty of folks will like that!

  9. I’d like to order one too… not silk flowers though.

  10. Please can anyone tell me where i can order an arrangement like that for my wife.

  11. I make these cute pooches!!!

    See my website

  12. How do i make the flower dogs? Do you have instructions?

  13. I make some of these adorable pooches! Fresh and Silk. See my website

  14. See the cutest Happy Valentine Puppy Bouquets at

  15. Is there anyone who knows where I can order some of the cute puppy bouquets? I want fresh flowers, and some as cute as the pictures, not the tacky artifical ones.

  16. I make fresh flower puppy bouquets and deliver to the local Atlanta, GA area. I am also putting together a how to dvd, for florists and/or individuals. Loaded with details!

  17. I also sell puppy bouquets, very affordable at $24.99 plus $10 Shipping Via USPS Priority Mail.

    See my website:

  18. Hi everyone,
    I know a lot people have been asking how to make these cute little puppy bouquets. I made a video.

  19. FREE video of How to Create a Puppy Bouquet at

  20. “How to create a puppy bouquet” is on youtube

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