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Hi Welcome to Mutt News – my fun website that celebrates my favorite and lovable animals on the planet – dogs. I love dogs may they be purebreds, designer dogs, cross-breeds, or mutts. Pictured to the left is Ben who’s my Corgi/Akita mix. He’s the mascot for this site )

Here we’ll share our favorite dog news stories, accounts of my own lovable pooches present and past, favorite dog videos and commercials, and anything else that’s relevant to all things dog!

Please excuse our boring appearance – we’re working on spiffing the place up! Woof!


6 Responses

  1. Woof Ben,

    My mom says your mom(s) are funny.

    Dog, what a great gig you have!

    Many bones to you,


  2. Ruff! My girls love me – so much that they’re going to be bringing me a girlfriend and taking away those pesky kitties who never behave!

    – Ben

  3. Hello! What kind of doggie is in the blue bandana? He could be an identical twin to my newly adopted doggie. I was told (by the shelter) she’s corgi + shepherd; however, 2 trainers told me she looks to be corgi + Akita. She looks exactly like the dog in the pic & weighs 50-55 lbs.

  4. OOPS – sorry! Didn’t read the narrative that Ben’s corgi/Akita before I sent my comment (“my bad”). How weird, my older Akita/shepherd mix (90 lbs) passed away this last Dec. I had no idea I was adopting another Akita mix. I love Akita’s. “Happy” (my new corgi/”Akita” mix) looks exactly like Ben, but has one ear that goes straight up, and one that flops.

    • We got Ben at the pound, so we’re not 100% certain that he’s Corgi/Akita. Only proof we have that he’s part Akita is that whenever we look at Akita puppies, he looks JUST like them. His chest, leg shape, etc all looks Akita. They had him listed as that at the pound also.

      • Do you have other pictures of Ben that you can post? My dog looks like Ben’s twin – and she was listed at the pound as Akita mix also. I’m just not sure what her other parts are!

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