12 Hi-Res Famous Dog Movie Posters!

Ruff! Ben has gotten his hands on a bunch of hi-resolution movie posters from some of his favorite movies!

Click on the thumbs to enlarge! WOOF!

BecauseofWinnDixie.jpg image by Erika_PLJ BecauseofWinnDixie2.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

TheShaggyDog2.jpg image by Erika_PLJ TheShaggyDog3.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

Legallyblond22.jpg image by Erika_PLJ Legallyblond2.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

LassiePoster2.jpg image by Erika_PLJ LassiePoster.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

From the movie BOWFINGER (on of my girl Kate’s favorite comedies!)

Bowfinger.jpg image by Erika_PLJ Bowfinger2.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

Bowfinger3.jpg image by Erika_PLJ Bowfinger4.jpg image by Erika_PLJ


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