Amanda Bynes Celebrates Cover of Animal Fair Magazine!

Actress Amanda Bynes will be gracing this month’s copy of Animal Fair magazine along w/ her adorable King Charles Spaniel, Charlie!

Wendy and Lucky Diamond Host a “Doggy Fiesta” For Amanda and Charlie Bynes at the dinner in honor of her new cover for Animal Fair Magazine at Velvet Margarita on March 30, 2008 in Hollywood, California.

You can visit Animal Fair’s magazine at

Here are the photos from the event!

Amanda_Bynes-Doggy_Fiesta_dinner2.jpg image by Erika_PLJ Amanda_Bynes-Doggy_Fiesta_dinner3.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

Amanda_Bynes-Doggy_Fiesta_dinner7.jpg image by Erika_PLJ Amanda_Bynes-Doggy_Fiesta_dinner9.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

With Blogger Perez Hilton

Amanda_Bynes-Doggy_Fiesta_dinner8.jpg image by Erika_PLJ Amanda_Bynes-Doggy_Fiesta_dinner4.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

Amanda_Bynes-Doggy_Fiesta_dinner.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

Actress/model Susie Castillo with her dog Lupe

ActressmodelSusieCastillowithherdog.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

Amanda with Wendy Diamond and her poodle Lucky

Amanda_Bynes-Doggy_Fiesta_dinner6.jpg image by Erika_PLJ Amanda_Bynes-Doggy_Fiesta_dinner5.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

Velvet Margarita owner “Big Daddy” Carlos Adley & Wendy

VelvetMargaritaownerBigDaddyCarlosA.jpg image by Erika_PLJ WendyDiamondwithherdogLuckyDiamond.jpg image by Erika_PLJ


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