Sad Day at Ben’s House his Pack has been Disbanded

Ben’s Blog – Entry 1. April 6th Sad Day for Ben his pack has been disbanded

Ben has always been top dog in this household, he has kept watch over 2 kitties who he’s kept in line and had a noisy goffin cockatoo alert him whenever the kitties were up to no good…like daring to use their litterbox. Both of the cats were around before Ben came into their lives and quickly they found themselves at the bottom of the pack heirarchy. Ben felt it was his job to keep them constantly in line…and unfortunately living in a state of constant fear.

Once upon a time the kitties had a nice golden retriever named Max who they lived with, but then he died 4 years ago. Their owners went to the pound and brought back Ben a 1/2 corgi/akita who has used his herding instincts to constantly corral the cats and his watch dog instincts to keep them in line. In a nutshell the cats became prisoners in their own home.

Around Easter Ben’s Nana called and said that she could no longer handle taking care of Honey and asked his girls Kate and Erika to come and get her. Kate and Erika kept this exciting information from Ben…for you see Honey is Ben’s long lost girlfriend! 2 years ago a love affair began when Honey was brought home and was introduced to our top dog and he immediately fell in love with the furry, lovely blond goldendoodle.

The 2 dogs became joined at the hip and ran amok everywhere- the kitties were even forgotten. Then Nana took the golden girl away and the kitties again had to be reminded of who was boss. For 2 years that cats have had to endure constantly being harassed by the dog. Ben’s girls thought of finding a friend who’d take them – but no one wanted to take 2 kitties – no matter how nice they were. They didn’t know of any great local no-kill shelters and taking them to the pound was out of the question. Dumping them off to an uncertain fate was just not an option.

Conan was our rescue cat from Buddy Dog a great no-kill shelter in Sudbury Mass. He is a gorgeous 11 year old angora white cat. (How did such a stunning kitty get called Conan? Well he was skinny and shaved when we got him. All that we knew was that he was the whitest cat that we’d ever seen so we named him after the whitest PERSON that we knew – Late Night talk show host, Conan O’Brien.) He is prissy and full of himself and never wants to be far from the food dish. Oliver was our rescue baby who we kept from a litter of 7 kittens that we raised when a barn cat left her kittens in our way so that we could snatch and raise them. Oliver was Erika’s baby…he is super affectionate and adorable. He’s also terrified out of his mind of the dog.

So today started unusually for Ben – Oliver was trapped in the bathroom which meant that Ben couldn’t begin his day w/ his daily pounding of  his favorite toy. Then his girls threw the fat one…aka Conan into the bathroom as well. This treatment of the kitties was very hard on Ben’s girl Erika who had both of them nuzzle her affectionately this morning. Even Conan who doesn’t often deem humans worthy of his affection, nuzzled up, and purred away.

The decision was made by the humans that if our house was getting another dog, then Nana needed to take the cats. Honey has grown into a giant dog. She’s large for her breed and weighs 85lbs, she’s also untrained and has been taught by Nana to chase cats out of her yard. Keeping the cats was not an option with the 2 dogs. So Nana has made her house ready for 2 new feline friends. She’s never owned cats before, luckily Nana has friends and helpers who are cat lovers who will help her with any questions on what needs to be done to make them comfortable in their new home. She has also visited the kitties in the past and adores them – so this really isn’t a big hardship for her to take them.

Erika nearly cried when she called her baby Oliver down from his hidey hole in the bathroom closet today and he trustingly dropped into her arms and didn’t scratch when she put him into his cat carrier. Ben sniffed both boxes in confusion and had no idea why the cats were being taken out of his house and why his pack was being broken up.  Oliver yowled when he realized he was being put in a car and taken away from his mommy.

Nana’s goal is to get her house together and move down where she can live near Ben’s girls, so that will mean that eventually the cats will be reunited with the pack again, but for now it’s just better for everyone to break up the pack.

Until then Ben doesn’t know it yet, but his former girlfriend – that stunning blond beauty from California will be back in his life. Things will be weird around the house for a couple of days with no cats to chase, no Kate to follow around, but when Kate does return she’ll be bringing him the biggest surprise of his life!

You can be sure that Ben will be certain to fill you in on all of the amazing details of the exciting reunion!


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