Dane Cook’s Landlord Files Complaint About His Dog

Dane Cook’s Landlord Files Complaint About His Dog

Apartment owner says the comedian doesn’t pick up after his dog.

Comedian Dane Cook has his landlord barking mad.

The owner of the West Hollywood, Calif., apartment complex where Cook lives has filed a complaint in a Los Angeles court alleging Cook does not pick up after his dog, Beast.

“Neither he nor his girlfriend pick up after the dog,” an unnamed source told the “New York Post.” “They’ve sent him three notices so far over the last year warning him he’ll be evicted, and they have video. The neighbors all hate him.”

Cook’s public relations representative responded to the charges in a statement. “Dane vigorously denies the allegations in the complaint and is looking forward to complete vindication through the legal proceedings,” Ina Treciokas said.

Another source told the newspaper that “a number of witnesses” will come forward to speak on Cook’s behalf if the case goes to trial.

In January, Cook broke legendary Los Angeles comedy venue The Laugh Factory’s endurance record by performing on stage for seven hours. Dave Chappelle and Richard Pryor held previous records.



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