Ben’s Blog: Entry 2 – New Pack Member Honey Arrives

So my girl Erika kept telling me that I was going to be surprised when Kate came home, but I didn’t realize exactly WHAT she had in mind for me!

Kate came home yesterday…I was still rather depressed because my shag toys…errr the cats weren’t around any more when the door opened and this GLORIOUSLY beautiful tall girl romped into the house!

Now I couldn’t exactly say where I knew her from, but she looked a little familiar. Of course I couldn’t be all welcoming – that wouldn’t have made me much of a pack leader so I growled, we circled, sniffed butts, etc. I was a little freaked out…I mean she’s like twice as TALL as I am!

Then Kate threw us outside and you know what the girl did? She fell into

the pool…TWICE! Clumsy, isn’t she?

Anyways – we did a lot of growling…ok well I growled, she looked rather confused, we tussled over toys but in the end, she freaks me out a little but I think that she’s ok.

My girls still treat me like top dog. I get to climb on the couch – Honey is not allowed to do so…I like doing that, it makes me taller than she is you know. They also give treats to me first.

I slept with Erika last night since she didn’t bring this new dog home. When we woke up I barged into Kate’s room and there was Honey all stretched out on the huge bed…yeah we sniffed butts, reminded each other of who we were. Erika threw me outside and I wanted to show off Honey to all of the neighborhood dogs but she wouldn’t go outside!

Guess she didn’t want to fall in the pool again.

Girls! They’re just silly don’t you think?


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