Matthew McConaughey & Orlando Bloom with Their dogs

These were from 2006 People’s list of Sexy Stars and Their Sidekicks! (Ladies – I SWEAR there are pictures of DOGS here!) Click thumbs to enlarge!


Matthew McConaughey and his Australian cattle dog Foxy make quite a dashing pair at the Malibu shore. PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man says of his adopted pooch, “She’s also a great athlete and incredibly active” – and one lady friend who’s able to keep pace with the sporty Texan!

matthew_mcconaughey.jpg image by Erika_PLJ matthew_mcconaughey300withdog.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

mcconrunningdog112106.jpg image by Erika_PLJ matthew_mcconaughey-3.jpg image by Erika_PLJ


Orlando Bloom and his dogs, Sidi and Essa, revel in the ocean spray during a seaside walk in the Bahamas. Just like their British owner, the former strays also have an international pedigree: They were adopted by Bloom while he was shooting Kingdom of Heaven in Morocco.

orlando-bloom-dog-400a0424.jpg image by Erika_PLJ obloom10.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

orlando_bloom.jpg image by Erika_PLJ

You can check out the People galleries HERE!


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