World’s Cutest Westie – Cesar’s Dog Food Commercial

Seriously, how can this not be the cutest ad EVER for dog food? This has to be the most angelic and adorable Westie that I’ve ever seen! Enjoy!


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  1. to whomever,
    this is one of the cutest westies (next to mine) that i’ve ever seen. what is his/her name, who is the owner and who is the breeder?

    thanks in advance,
    karen tarolli

    • The dog in the Caesar’s commercial on the pink bed is LuLu and bred and owned by Jeanine Albanese a dog trainer in LosAngeles, who is a member of the Westie Club of California. Lulu has done other commercials, but unfortunately they have not been aired after going through test marketing by the ad agency. Jeanine also owned the dog on the little packages, but he died a couple of years ago.

  2. Erm, erm, I think this particular Westie may be related to my dog…. both cute and gorgeous!

  3. I am looking for a purebred Westie puppy (male) to buy. I am in Mississippi and would love it to be close to here and not too far off. I have done research on them but cannot find why some of their ears are big and some are much smaller????

    • you do know pure breads don’t live near as long, right??

      • My pure bred Lily (who had such a bad skin condition that her first vet wanted to put her to sleep as a puppy) lived 15 years. We now have another pure bred Westie; Lexi. The pure breds can live up to 14-16 years.

        During that time; they will change you forever. They take part of your heart with them when they go; but they leave you enough for your next one.

      • My first Westie, a female lived 171/2 years.

  4. i ghave been looking for one of these dogs for a really long time

  5. There is a list of breeders by state with they phone numbers on the site below

    • Thank you so much for this web site information. After going to the site we now know that the Westie, although cute, is not the dog for us. I urge anyone considering this dog as a new family member to research the dog first.

  6. I have 2 Westies and they are the joy of our lives!
    I would urge anyone who wants a Westie to go to a Westie rescue group and adopt. There are so many who need homes! Westie puppies are not easy to raise – they really require an experienced dog owner and so many end up being given to shelters or abandoned. They are wonderful dogs however and I wouldn’t have any other! They’re truly special!
    As to the ears, for show the dogs facial fur is fluffed a lot to make their heads round from the front and much of their ears are covered. But some do have smaller ears than others and remember, puppies don’t have all their coat yet and their ears seem to be the first thing to grow! So a puppy can appear to be all ears until he grows into them!
    Please look at rescue groups if you want a Westie. We got our second little fellow through Westie Rescue of Tennessee and he is absolutely wonderful! One of the best things we’ve ever done!

    • Hello I have a 3 yr old male westie called Murphy. I am concerned about the right dog food I should be feeding him. I have been feeding Royal Cannin Preventive Medi Cal dry dog food and lately he after eating he has been licking and swallowing a lot. I buy this food from our Vet. He may be developing a allergy to this food but don’t know what other dog food to try.


      • Sharron,
        I have a Westie with allergies. She is on Royal Canin duck and potato dog food that is prescription from our vet. This food in combination with a medication called Temeril P controls her allergies. Good Luck!

  7. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that the website I have indicated is my dog Charlie’s webpage. I just included it so you can see pictures of him. He is a very typical Westie! There is also a link at the bottom of the page to his brother Brodie’s page. Brodie is the little fellow we adopted.

  8. Thank you, this is exactly the information I was looking for. The photo helped also.

    • i have an adoreable little dog whom is very photogenic,i was wondering if you know if anyone was looking for a very cute dog for advertizement .if you send me an email address i can send you a photo of her

  9. Hey the Cesars dog is actually my aunts dog. She lives in england with the dog. It’s name is penfold 😛

  10. We have a Westie. His name is Bob. He’s about 2 years old. We got him at the Humane Society. Apparently when he was born he had red mange (not the contagieous type), so the people who had him took him to the pound. Through lots of hard work with our vet (Thanks Dr. Roberts) the mange is just about gone except for occasional flairups. He’s a great dog and very gentle. He loves our little granddaughter Katie.

  11. these dogs are so cute does anyone know of a rescue group for these dogs in phoenix az?

  12. I just saw the new add with the Westie in the rain coat, how adorable, does anyone know how i can put a picture of the dog on my screen saver, also would like it on my ceil phone, i could just eat him up he is so sweet. I would really appreciate any ones help, i just love dogs, they give you so much love.

  13. your recent commercial has a westie with a raincoat on,,where can I purchase that raincoat..I have a westie

  14. Westies must be the most adorable dogs to ever walk the face of this earth. The dog in that commercial is divine.

  15. Her name is Chrystal she’s my bestfriend’s dog..😊

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