Purina aids Red Cross

Purina is donating $25,000 to the American Red Cross St. Louis Area Chapter in support of its Pet First Aid Program, which aims to increase outreach and participation in the program by promoting it in the community.

As part of the program, the Red Cross has developed a special CPR/First Aid class to help prepare pet owners for emergencies. American Red Cross Pet First Aid classes teach vital safety skills, including how to administer medication, recognize an emergency, perform CPR and treat common emergencies, such as cuts, scrapes, or bleeding wounds.

More than 650 participants have been trained in Pet First Aid classes, since Purina began contributing to the Pet First Aid program in 2005. In addition, 38 Pet First Aid instructors have been trained, and 14 of those were able to register under scholarships paid for by grant funding from Nestlé Purina.

“We’re grateful to have Purina’s support in our endeavor to prepare people and pets alike for emergencies,” said Joseph C. White, chief executive officer of the American Red Cross St. Louis Area Chapter. “Thanks to Purina, the Red Cross Pet First Aid program continues to grow and reach new audiences throughout the community.”

As a result of Purina’s contribution, the Red Cross has purchased additional pet manikins and expanded the program to the Chapter’s four Service Centers located throughout the Greater St. Louis area. Funding has also helped the Red Cross train new instructors and purchase marketing materials to promote training opportunities.

You can help the American Red Cross help pets by taking a Pet First Aid course, learning to become an instructor, or by making a donation.



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