Virtual Dog Show by Halo

Finally, a dog show any dog can enter! The rules are very simple: You can enter your dog in as many categories as he or she qualifies. But the contest doesn’t end there! DogChannel will keep track of which three dogs received the most votes. At the end of the contest, the three champion dogs with the highest number of votes over all 12 categories will win one of the prizes listed below.  The top three winners may also appear in DOG FANCY magazine. Please read our contest entry and voting rules here.

Contest Winners Announcement: The Winter 2007 Virtual Dog Show winners are here! See if your dog won!

Previous Winners

Great Virtual Dog Show Prizes
Brought to You By Halo dog food!

The winners of the Spring 2008 season of the Virtual Dog show will win great prizes brought to you by Halo Pet Foods to be filled with coupons by Halo.

First Place: 1 year of Halo Pet Food

Second Place: 6 months of Halo Pet Food

Third Place: 3 months of Halo Pet Food

You can enter in these categories: Best Smile, Longest Tongue, Biggest Feet, Longest Hair, Biggest ears, best coat, Prettiest Hairless, Most colorful, Best Eyes, Best “Feed me” look, Longest tail, and Most Stylish!

Click HERE to enter!


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