Copper pipes stolen from Mariciopa County Animal Care & Control

OP/ED Ben was very upset when he heard about this-he spent time at one of the county animal shelters before being brought home by his girls. There has been a rash of copper thefts all over the greater Phoenix area. Earlier in the summer thieves hit a little league field in an area where a lot of low income kids play and ended up turning off the lights for their ball field when they stole all of the electrical wiring. The 200,000 plus foreclosed homes in the valley are already targets for anything that isn’t nailed down to be walked off with but stealing from helpless animals? I hope they catch the thieves and they have to spend time in Sherrif Joe’s tent city jail in the middle of our blazing hot summer! ANy of you not familiar with Sherrif Joe- look him up. Wild west justice is alive and well and successful at deterring crime in Arizona.

You can view the  video on Channel 12’s Website HERE


MCACC officials say 400+ homeless animals were without water overnight and this morning, at the shelter near 27th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard. Apparently, somebody stole the copper piping. When they arrived, they say none of the sinks worked, the bathrooms didn’t work and the outside hoses were dry.

Staff had no way to clean the dog kennels, and give the dogs and cats fresh water. First thing every morning, officials say kennel staff members clean and wash every dog and cat kennel. They have been unable to do so today. Having no water could be very bad for the shelter and all the animals involved.

A water truck came to deliver water to the shelter, for temporary relief until County officials can replace the stolen pipes, and get running water back into the shelter.

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