Chihauhua is top dog at the box office- but not all Chihauhuas are so lucky

Beverly Hills Chihuahua the latest dog caper from Disney opened this week to strong box office totals bringing in just under 30 million dollars.* Ay Chihuahua ! that is a lot of movie ticket sales considering many of those woule be children’s tickets.

Unfortunately not all Chihuahua’s are so lucky. The small dog trend is waning and as it is small dogs are now replacing Pit Bulls as the most numerous dogs at shelters. If you see the movie and think you really want a Chihuahua for yourself – remember they are DOGS, they are not toys. They are not a fashion accessory, they are living , breathing, eating, peeing and pooping little beings and they require a commitment from you. If all you want is something to dress up- you can find cute stuffed toys at any toy store. If you aren’t sure if you are ready for the commitment of taking care of a dog- please go that route and give the  money you would have spent on a puppy to a local animal shelter or rescue group. The $500-$2000 you donate is a tax write off for you and the shelter will be able to help many animals with your donation.

Oakland Animal Services made this video showing how many small dogs they have that have been surrendered by their owners. Please don’t get a new dog on a whim and add to this problem.

Too many small dogs

Posted to Muttnews Video by kateblake_2000 on October 05, 2008

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*Source: UPI


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