Muttnews Challenge to the Obamas- get a pound puppy!

benny-boyBen our mascot here at Muttnews ( photo left)  has a challenge for the Obamas. As a shelter dog who was adopted 4 years ago by his family- Ben thinks the Obamas need to quit looking for fancy designer dogs and find the right mutt for them!

There has been a tremendous amount of hoopla and pup talk about what kind of dog the Obamas will get to share the White House with them. Muttnews challenges the President elect to do the all- American thing. He likes to call himself a man of the world and has a very American mixed heritage as we all do. What in the words of Bill Murray in the film Stripes is more lovable or more American than the mutt?

Millions of dogs are euthanized every year – if Obama wants to show how much he cares about life and the environment and making the world a better place one small action at a time- I suggest he start by working with a trainer who can go with him and his kids to the local Washington D.C. animal control/ ASPCA shelter and help them pick out a suitable dog. If his daughters are like other little girls I know- they will end up not with one puppy but with two cute dogs. Imagine how much pride those girls can have in knowing they not only brought home a pair of new friends – but that they saved the dogs’ lives as well?

Come on Mr Soon to Be President- make a big statement and have the first dogs be  the first lives you save as President!


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