Patricia Arquette asks you to remember your ABCs and promote Animal Birth Control


The star of the hit series “Medium” asks you to remember your ABCs and spay and neuter your pets in order to envision a world with no homeless animals. This is one of my favorite causes and one I approve of PETA supporting. My dogs and my mom’s cats are all fixed- the males neutered, the female spayed. Here is a tip- if you do not get your animal from the pound, say you find a stray or get a dog you are not going to be showing and breeding, you can go to your local humane society or shelter, most shelters will provide you with a list of vets who will provide discount spay and neutering service. Female dogs do not have go through a first heat before being spayed- that is a myth. Most dogs and cats are safe to be fixed at 6 months- consult with your vet! Spaying and neutering does more than limit the unwanted animal population- it also brings better health to your animals. Male neutered dogs do not develop prostate problems or cancer. Female dogs and cats who are spayed are not preyed on by male dogs/cats who want to get at them when they are in heat. Male cats who are fixed don’t spray or mark their territory like unaltered males. The benefits are great- no dog or cat needs to experience having babies- they need love, shelter, good food and care. Be a responsible owner and lets all work toward a world where no animals are destroyed because they have committed no crime other than being born unwanted and being homeless.


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