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Laborador Retrievers named America’s Favorite Dog Breed again- was there any question?

Once again the Laborador Retriever has been named the number one breed of dog in America- and this was before Marley and Me came out! Labs and retrievers of all sorts are favorites for advertising- here is a recent ad featuring this popular breed.

Cottonelle Pup Ad

Posted to Muttnews Video by kateblake_2000 on February 05, 2009

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How do you pick a good lab puppy? My suggestion is pick a dog based on personality and what works for you. I like that this video does tell you that labs will be wild if you don’t work with them- every retriever I have ever known has acted like a puppy including chewing and jumping until they are about 3 years old- and they mellow out and become the world’s best dogs. The advice here about picking a pup is good. NOTE- lots of retrievers end up in rescue and shelters. They are readily trainable and will do anything to please their owner so a retriever makes an excellent choice as a rescue dog whether they are a pup or a grown dog!
Picking A Good Lab

Posted to Muttnews Video by kateblake_2000 on December 20, 2008

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