Kathy Griffin Salutes America’s VetDogs

Kathy Griffin Salutes America’s VetDogs
02/20/2009 – WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden
New York, NY United States

Kathy Griffin may be on the D-list when it comes to celebrity rankings – but Muttnews salutes her work with veterans! Kathy has a long history of visiting with our men and women at military hospitals and bringing cheer to our heroes. Last night she was part of an event in New York saluting the service dogs who help make our disabled service men and women’s lives easier. She is photographed with Joseph Worley and the wonderful service dog Benjamin – who you can see was right at home on the red carpet.

What is VetDogs? It is an offshoot of Guide Dog for the Blind Foundation- a group that since 1946 has been providing the blind with service dogs. VetDogs strives to provide veterans with service dogs to help them with their disabilities- ones that come in many forms. You can read more about the foundation and make a donation by visiting their website at http://www.vetdogs.org/


2 Responses

  1. Nice photos and of course Benjamin the service dog took the spot light as he should. LOL.

  2. My Hayliegh my beautiful Black cocker is my service dog has been on eof the most valued gift in life as she watches over me day & night.
    Thanks to all the men & women who have serived our country and the specail animals that bring joy to all our hearts.

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