Obama’s dog Bo is settling in to life as First Dog

The controversy over whether or not the Obama’s dog Bo is a real rescue or not is a moot point to me- Bo was originally sold to one family who returned him to the breeder and the Obama’s then got him after the breeder let Ted Kennedy know about the situation. Kennedy then presumably paid the breeder and gave the dog to the first family. Bo may not be a rescue in the sense that he came from a shelter- but he is a second hand dog and here at Muttnews we think all second hand dogs deserve a chance at a great home! Not all of the animals we have rescued have been from shelters- private adoptions and placements like this are actually preferable whenever possible. The shelters and breed rescue groups always ask you to try to find a new home for your pet before giving them up. That the Obama’s welcomed a 6 month old pup into their home is just fine with us.

In case you missed the pics of the cutie- here he is! Bo is a Portuguese Water Dog and if he looks like a poodle puppy- well the water dogs are closely related to poodles. Poodles were not that long ago considered water dogs and my golden doodle will attest to how much she loves the water…. The water dogs are also part of the breeding stocks that went into developing most of the retrievers that are so popular with so many of us. The rounded nose, the length of the nose, the floppy ears and the sweet smile and smarts are some of the better qualities from these dogs that can be found in thier cousins. The furry face and cute floppy coat which does not shed is more poodle and why the first family choose the breed. The dogs have hair which needs clipping- they don’t shed much which makes them great for allery sufferers.

Like all sporting breeds, Portuguese Water Dogs are active dogs and need a lot of exercise to keep them busy. I also recommend the girls make sure they put away all toys and shoes as anything on the floor is considered a chew toy by these pups. The upsides are huge though- nice temperment, cute as heck, smart and able to learn and not overly loud. The best thing? Fur faced Bo will be just as cute and fuzzy as an adult as he is right now as a curly puppy! We will look forward to his growing up pics. I do have to say- my favorite Bush Whitehouse moments had to be Barney wearing the Barney cam as he toured the Whitehouse at the holidays showing off the decorations. I somehow think a bouncing Bo won’t be quite as good as the low slung Scottie on that one….


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