Paula Abdul and Scott MacIntyre launch National Guide Dog Month, you can help by donating leftover miles

On May 8 in Sylmar California Paula Abdul continued her work with Guide Dogs of America by donating a seeing eye dog to American Idol top ten finalist Scott MacIntyre who is severely visually impaired. Paula has been working to support guide dogs and last month attended a ceremony to help veterans who needed service dogs. Paula is an animal lover so this should not be a surprise to anyone. If you have never been around someone with a guide dog or a service dog of any sort- they are amazing. Trained to be unflappable the dogs are the eyes for someone who cannot see providing them with surety and certainty when they go out and allowing them a level of previously unheard of independence. They are not pets – but they are life long companions. Training a seeing eye dog is expensive and not all dogs who enter the program graduate. If you would like to help there are many ways you can do so. Head to the Guide Dogs of America site for ways you can help!

I found a great way to help this week that didn’t cost me any money- I had United Airlines miles that were about to expire at the end of the month- not enough to get me a free ticket, but by donating my excess miles which I couldn’t use to Guide Dogs of America, they go into a pool of donated miles which the organization can use. They use the miles to cover the cost of transporting dogs all over the place as well as trainers and recipients of the dogs for the organization. I donated 7,000 miles- every 25,000 miles provide a free ticket for the organization. It doesn’t take too many people donating their leftovers to help out a lot. And we all know that dogs like leftovers! To donate your air miles- log in to your United Airlines rewards program account  at and select the option Charity Miles.  Guide Dogs of America is on the drop down list. You can also donate your miles by calling their toll free number for the airline’s rewards program.


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  1. Kudos and sincere thanks to all who support service animals! Just to clear up a common misconception, “Seeing Eye” is not a generic term for all dogs trained to guide blind and visually impaired persons. The Seeing Eye is the oldest dog guide school in the world and is located in Morristown, New Jersey. Only dogs trained at this facility are Seeing Eye dogs. It’s a similar to calling all tissues “Kleenex” or calling all bandage strips “Band -Aids”.

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