Jared Padalecki’s Mission: Help Homeless Dogs

On the CW show Supernatural, actor Jared Padalecki has spent several seasons battling mysterious otherworldly threats. But in real life, there’s another crisis he’s trying to combat: homeless dogs.

Rescue dogs are so close to Padalecki’s heart that he has joined A Dog’s Life Rescue founders Allison Lange and Julia Pennington in trying to raise awareness about the need for donations and foster homes for dogs in the L.A. area. “I have two rescue dogs myself and I think people are often surprised that rescues can be such beautiful dogs, that you don’t need to go to a breeder,” he says.

Now, more than ever, homeless, frightened dogs — no matter the breed — are desperate. “We’re overrun with animals,” says Lange, who founded the L.A.-based non-profit group with Pennington in 2005. “The economy is our biggest problem. Our donations are down but the need is greater than ever.”

When Lange was called recently to rescue a dirty yellow stray from a street in Inglewood, near LAX, she found the terrified young retriever. “She’s a stunningly beautiful dog, about a year old, and, as we know now, very loving and friendly,” says Lange, “but when I tried to catch her, she was so afraid she bit me. Later, she put her head in my lap and gave me a kiss, as if she were trying to say ‘I’m sorry.'”

While many dogs are being left behind when families lose their homes, some have moved with their owners into cars. “We got a call last week from a young girl whose family was living in their car and Animal Control had come and taken their dog away,” says Lange. “We also have been helping a woman who was living in her car with her dog but had to move into special housing. She’s going to be able to bring her dog back to her new home soon but there are so many needs — money for health care for dogs and for food. There is always a need for foster homes. Every time we rescue a dog, we’re going to need a home for it.”

The 6’4″ lanky actor, pictured above with Mika, the group’s mascot, rode along with Lange on a mission to South Central L.A, where he saw dogs of all sizes and colors, abandoned and hungry. “There are so many dogs now with no home or shelter. Dogs that haven’t eaten with nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep. But Alli wins their trust — even if it takes all day.”

For more information about A Dog’s Life Rescue, an all-volunteer non-profit group, check out their Web site.

Source: PeoplePets.com


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