Reasons for getting your dog Licensed

ben-superYesterday I was just about home when I abruptly stopped my truck; there was a cute little jack russell/fox terrier type dog sniffing around along the side of the road. I stopped and got out. After waiting to hear if there was anyone calling for the dog and not hearing anything I called him over to me and he came running. The little guy was nervous and very hot (it’s already in the 100’s here in Arizona.) He had a dog tag from 2008 and no name tag. I still waited to hear if there was anyone calling for him but didn’t hear anything so I loaded him into my truck and drove 1/2 a block home.

I brought him inside and my sister called the number on his tag. Even at a year old his information was still in the system and we got the phone number for one of our neighbors who didn’t even know that he’d managed to get out. The pup was safely returned to his owners.

Always make sure that your dog has some sort of ID on him – you never know if your dog might get out and who might find him and try to return him home for you. And if you find a dog and he’s got a license call the number on it and give the ID number over the phone, you’ll be provided with the owners phone number so that you can return the pooch to his/her rightful owner.


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