Help animals in shelters across the U.S. with just a click

I got an e-mail today from a friend about a site that claims to support animal shelters by counting clicks on their site. Well- this time the offer and e-mail were legit. The Animal Rescue Site is a for profit site, part of and they work with paid partners who give them revenue for traffic to their site. The site in turn donates money for food to animal shelters all across the country. Additionally- they sell pet items and a portion of all profits go to charity as well. They are partnered with which is the nation’s biggest rescue site directory for online listings of animals up for adoption so you can feel good about supporting them. Shelters across America are bulging with animals that have been given up by desperate owners in the tough economic times we are currently living in. By clicking on the banner for The Animal Rescue Site you can be assured that your effort is not in vain. This is a legitimate organization and your help is appreciated. You can make daily clicks to maximize your donations! I am putting their button up in our links area- please click daily to help out shelters all across the U.S.

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