Valley Dogs Killed By Bees – Phoenix News Story – KPHO Phoenix

Valley Dogs Killed By Bees – Phoenix News Story – KPHO Phoenix.

It’s that time of year when we all know to watch out when you hear that buzzing sound. After all, bees can hide just about anywhere, and when they attack, it isn’t pretty.

Teri Carpenter is still in shock, still trying to get that awful noise out of her head.The attack started slowly when bees started seeping out of a shed in Carpenter’s backyard.When she was bringing one of her four dogs inside, she noticed a bee in her hair.”I got out out, flushed it down the drain,” recalled Carpenter.She went back outside to check on her other three dogs. That’s when she said the nightmare started.”One of my older females was in the pool, drowning in the pool with bees completely over her head, covered like a blanket. They went down her throat, in her nose, in her ears. They really were like consuming her, literally. It was the most horrendous thing I’ve ever seen,” said Carpenter.She screamed for help and neighbors called 911. Firefighters did what they could, but couldn’t save all of her dogs.Bees killed two of them. They attacked Carpenter as well, stinging her face, arms and head.If you see a swarm or bees or notice a hive nearby, don’t disturb it, get away as fast as you can and if you need to, call 911.


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