Howie Mandel and Chihuahua kick off new season of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan (10/8)

Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan is returning to National Geographic Channel on Friday, October 8, with 15 new episodes!

The season premiere will be a great start to a whole new season filled with a group of adorable canine friends and their owners in need of Cesar’s help. In the season premiere episode, Howie Mandel turns to Cesar for help with his wife’s Chihuahua, Lola:

Dog Whisperer: Howie Mandel’s Lola and Bebe & Sadie

Friday, October 8 at 8PM ET/PT

Howie Mandel may be a beloved comic and television personality, but his wife’s Chihuahua Lola is not a fan.  In fact, every time Howie is around Lola she tries to attack him.  If Howie could have it his way, he would never go near the dog at all.  His OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) makes him content to love animals from a good, comfortable distance.  No need to touch them.  He does however want to be close to his wife Terry, but Lola won’t let Howie anywhere in sight of her.  Before Howie gives up and declares this doggy dilemma a “No Deal,” he calls for backup. Enter Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer — winner of the 2010 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Animal Show.  When good dogs go bad — and Lola’s gone bad — Cesar steps in to save the day.

Now entering its seventh season on National Geographic Channel, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan returns with 15 all-new episodes featuring canine calamity this October.  No dog is too much for Cesar to handle.  Cesar rehabilitates dogs and trains people.  Find out how Cesar helps Howie and Terry deal with little Lola when the new season premieres Friday, October 8, at 8 PM ET/PT. The premiere is timed to the release of Cesar’s new book, Cesar’s Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog, on sale Tuesday, October 5.

Los Angeles, CA: Cesar Milan coaches Howie Mandel on how to properly pick up his two year old chihuahua Lola. (Photo credit: © MPH – Emery/Sumner Joint Venture)

Video “Howie vs. Dog” – Howie Mandel is under attack – from one of the tiniest and fiercest dogs you’ll ever meet. Can Cesar help to ease the tension?


This season’s Dog Whisperer episodes also feature:

  • Astronaut Suni Williams, who once received Cesar’s coaching while serving on the International Space Station, invites Cesar on a tour of NASA and introduces him to a colleague’s dog, Scout, with aggressive behavior.
  • Actress Rhona Mitra of The Gates and Boston Legal turns to Cesar for help with her French bulldog, Oscar.
  • Wildlife expert and Nat Geo WILD host Casey Anderson and his wife, actress Missi Pyle, enlist Cesar’s help with their two dogs, Ellie and J.J.
  • Meghan Plunkett, daughter of former NFL quarter back and Heisman Trophy winner Jim Plunkett, who has been caring for a pit bull that belonged to her brother Jimmy, who, prior to his unexpected passing in 2008, had cultivated a close relationship with his dog based on Cesar’s relationship with his dog, Daddy.

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  1. Cesar Millan should be actor he awesome

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