Here are some recommended doggy sites

Dog Resources Websites

American Kennel Club

Westminster Kennel Club

Canine Companions

Brands & Stores of Choice

Petsmart – where the pets go for goodies!

Pedigree – Ben’s favorite dog food and a great company that promotes dog adoption.

Great Rescue Groups


Buddy Dog – Sudbury Mass

Friends of Animal Control and Care- Phoenix, AZ

Dog Training Advice

Matthew Margolis

Favorite Breeders

Nakuchluk – Alaskan Malamutes


2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I just found your site recently. I really love dogs and think this is a great site. It’s great seeing the celebrities with the dogs. I couldn’t find your e-mail but was wondering if you would be interesting in doing a two-way link? Look forward to more of your posts.


  2. I just found your site and I love dogs. Recently I set up a site called to celebrate poodles. Have you seen the poodle playing the piano, I have it on my site and it is also on youtube. Very good and amazing seeing this poodle play a musical instrument.

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