Jared Padalecki and his 2 dogs

Actor Jared Padalecki with his 2 goofy rescue dogs from year one when he was on the set of his TV Show SUPERNATURAL. Jared is a big supporter of adopting dogs – click on thumbs to view larger photos!

[image] [image]

[image] [image]

[image] [image]


8 Responses

  1. It’s nice to know that Jared Padalecki supports pet adoption. One of my favourite stars supports one of my favourite causes. =)

  2. Boohyah! Finally, a celebrity that not only supports pet adoption in words but in actions. I’ve been a huge supporter of ‘pound puppies’ since I was 4. All these ‘designer dogs’ annoys me when there are wonderful mutts out there that need love as well. Especially when an actor says “Adopt a pet!” and then they themselves don’t follow through… *cough* and in my opinion, dogs from shelters are better anyway *cough* I have gotten several dogs/cats from shelters (and a few from the side of the road) and they’ve been the best!!
    Go Jared. I believe my respect for him has gone up a tweeny bit after seeing this.

  3. Speaking as someone who has a pound puppy and a designer dog who was a private rescue/adoption- I have to agree. And the truth is not only mutts but purebred dogs are available at shelters. When we got Ben- a week after our rescued Golden Retriever passed away- there was a beautiful purebred Malamute being surrendered by heartbroken owners who couldn’t keep him at their new rental house, there was a gorgeous $5000 neapolitan mastif who had gotten too big for his owners. WHAT? Mastif= MASSIVE- what were they smoking? I looked at a very hyper young German Shepard who seemed to be there because he really wanted to dig his way to China. Ben the little Corgi-Akita mix really won us over with his big bright eyes, sunny disposition and friendly ways. And he had no interest in getting to Asia.

    Going to a shelter and looking at adult dogs allows to you make sure you know what you getting- no surprises like you get from a puppy, every shelter dog I have had needed a little help with house training , some basic obediance and learning how to be a dog. Luckily all it really takes is some time, patience, love and understanding and the commitment to take care of your friend for his/her lifetime.

  4. Love him and his dog, wish them all Happily Ever After. Will he adopt me and my dog too ??

  5. I think that Jared’s dogs are so adorable and look my puppies! Jared is a great actor and I love him.

  6. i love jared and his dogs are adorable:X

  7. I think Jared is an amazing person for all of this. I feel sorry for his loss of Harley. May he rest in peace.

    I love you, Jared. You are awesome!! (And hot!)

  8. My son an I love this pic, our family is a animal lover family in general but specially dogs and would like to humbly and respectfully request permission to my Supernatural friends to use your help to bust votes for my 4year old and his doggy,just like Jared he loves his buddy Sunny and we fight against animal cruelty, here’s the link http://bit.ly/YRlLUa, thank you!! GO SUPERNATURAL! ♥ ♥ ♥ ;D

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