A Look back on Murray from MAD ABOUT YOU

Maui “Murray” on Mad About You

Maui, a 9-year-old collie mix, got his first major break as Murray, the lovable but slightly dim-witted dog on “Mad About You,” during the comedy series’ first season (1992-93). When Maui enters his seventh season, he will have to contend with the Buchman’s first baby, whose presence will undoubtedly challenge Murray’s role in the Buchman household. Originally found in a Castaic, California, animal shelter by noted Hollywood animal trainer Boone Narr, Maui weighs 58 pounds and is now trained primarily by Betty Linn. His first assignments came in TV commercials and as the backup for the top dog in the feature film “Bingo.”

“Maui is very sweet and takes direction well,” says Linn, who has trained him for the past four years. “He’s completely spoiled by everyone and consequently loves to go to the set when we begin a new show on Mondays.”

As Murray, Maui has been known to chase phantom mice and collide with walls, and he excels at getting lost. However, Linn vouches for her canine charge: “Maui is definitely smarter than Murray, and he knows tons of tricks.” Among Maui’s favorite skills are “hiking” (making people believe he is relieving himself), sneezing, crawling, shaking his head and rolling over. In the summer of 1994 he shared the cover of “TV Guide” with fellow NBC star Moose (Eddie, the dog on “Frasier”).

Away from the set, Maui enjoys watching movies on videotape, including “Beethoven,” “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” “Old Yeller” and “Dog Day Afternoon.”


  • Has a white spot.
  • From a litter of 14 puppies.
  • Murray’s former owner was Alfred Urbont, who referred to Murray as “Swifty,” and still has Mona, Murray’s Mom.
  • Murray’s vet is Dr. Arzupian. His walker is Nick.
  • In The Murray Box: baby teeth, first collar, ball, Hard Rock Cafe shirt, Obedience School Certificate (indicating a flunk in “Sit”), tag.
  • Has been lost, towed and kidnapped.
  • Fathered a litter with the snooty Conways’ prize showdog, Sophie.
  • Dreams of an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”
  • Show-biz aspirations crushed when he bit his agent.
  • Occasionally chases an imaginary mouse.

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  1. […] to an article in Mutt News, “Maui’s favorite skills are ‘hiking’ (making people believe he is relieving […]

  2. How much did Murray ,make an espoide

  3. Murray’s dog walker’s name was Nat, not Nick. 🙂

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