Shelby the Golden Retriever returns to “Smallville” in Instinct!

[image] Everyone needs a dog and young Superman is no exception! This past week we got a glimpse of life on the Kent Farm in Smallville’s episode INSTINCT where Clark is currently residing by himself with only his loyal golden retriever Shelby at his side!
Shelby has been on the show since season 4 when he arrived in the episode “Krypto”. Shelby was a meteor charged super strong dog who had been experimented on by Luthor Corp, but ended up in the permanent care of the Kents. Shelby has been important to the show having alerted Clark on several occasions to danger, including saving him from being possessed by a phantom from the phantom zone in season 6’s episode LABYRINTH. This past week however, all Shelby cared about was getting his breakfast. I’ve commemorated my favorite TV dog by making a wallpaper and some forum avatars with him and Clark.


[image] [image] [image] [image]


Available in 3 sizes: 1024×768, 1024×640, and 1680×1050
Click thumb to access walls.



3 Responses

  1. beauitful dog should of named him or her clarkie, ‘
    haahahah not really

  2. what a nice and beautiful dog..i love the color of shelby and his hair..really it..

  3. Shelby finally has a Facebook fan page. Run a search for “Shelby Kent.” He’ll show up!

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